Landscape Company

The gardens and yard on your residential property are a value-add to your home. They are essentially an extended part of your house and you are able to use these as relaxation and entertainment zones. However, that can happen only when you ensure they are planned and installed well. It’s why you should hire professional landscapers for the job. An experienced company that has handled a large number of similar projects will be able to create perfect solutions for you! Read more about Landscape Company »


Anyone that has lawn areas on their property knows exactly how much care they have to take of this installation. Mowing is one of the most important aspects of lawn care and the company that handles landscape maintenance for you, should include this in the package they provide you! Read more about Mowing »

Lawn Care

Your landscape is a mix of various elements and if you want to have a well-balanced landscape that has a cohesive look you have to ensure that it has plantings, hardscape features, water features and various decorative elements in the right proportion. Most landscapes also have lawn spaces and it's important that you hire experts to maintain the turf on your property! Read more about Lawn Care »


If you have a property with some outdoor space on it, you would need the services of a landscaping company. You need a company that would be able to provide comprehensive landscaping solutions. They should be able to design, install and maintain your landscape for you in an expert manner! Read more about Landscaping »

Landscape Design

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with professional paver design services. The wonderful thing about pavers is that the design options are really endless. Due to the fact that there is a wide range of materials, textures, colors, shapes and sizes of pavers on the market; we are able to create a completely unique paver design for your next patio, driveway, pool deck, and walkway or sidewalk project! Read more about Landscape Design »


In this article we will be talking about ‘Irrigation’. It will offer some valuable information for those that are looking at installing an irrigation system for their property. There are many different types of irrigation and sprinkler systems on the market these days so it is a good idea to get the advice of a professional landscape company like us here at Empire Horticultural Services. Read more about Irrigation »

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